Future Plans

Aside from constantly striving for innovation and improvements in efficiency and service, Induve is currently working on a whole array of new projects to be implemented within the next year. 

Our main endeavour will be the installation of a wheat flour mill.  This will be the first of its kind in the country.  It is sure to be a success due to the many synergies and resources it will share with the corn flour mill.  The project is expected to be fully operational by mid 2013. There are also plans to expand our activities in the animal feed market and strengthen our export activities.  Induve also plans on moving into other types of manufacturing and packaging in an attempt to integrate vertically as well as provide the market with goods that are in short supply.

Wheat Flour Mill

Induve SA envisions the establishment of a wheat milling plant. This will be within her existing industrial complex, which includes a corn flour mill as well as a vegetable oil bottling plant. The intention is that a wheat mill with 400 tons per day capacity is built to process imported milling wheat. At the later stage, when and if local agricultural production permits, the imported milling wheat shall be replaced by wheat produced in Angola.


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