The main objective of this project is to overhaul and adapt the already existing buildings on the complex and install the wheat milling equipment on a turn-key basis and exploit the synergies that exist between the (existing) corn milling plant and the (future) wheat milling plant. The synergies in question include, but are not limited to: use of the existing grain silos, use of the existing transportation fleet, use of the existing network of warehouses throughout Angola, use of the existing know-how in milling, packing, distribution, partial or combined use of existing human resources etc.

In the view of Induve and having in mind all the mentioned and unmentioned synergies, the project shall not but greatly contribute to the development of food production and distribution in Angola, this being the longstanding goal of Angolan government. Needless to say, the project will help increase local employment and will, in the longer run, contribute to an overall price decrease of food products in the local market. Most importantly it will aid in the countries path towards self-sufficiency.