Welcome to Induve

Mission Statement

Induve’s main aim is to produce and supply the Angolan market with top quality produce at affordable prices.  We embrace a client oriented philosophy, whereby we aim to work closely with our customers to provide the best possible support, tailoring our services and goods to the needs of our loyal clients and partners.

Being the only factory of its kind in Angola, Induve also strives to promote industrial development and local agriculture through cooperation with government and private organizations to foster the nation’s development and support Angola’s path towards greater self sufficiency.


An essential component of Induve’s strategy is its workforce.  By training and hiring only the best and most experienced technicians and staff, while at the same time ensuring working conditions and environment are second to none, we intend to create a healthy and motivated corporate culture to promote efficiency and dedication.  By linking this with state-of-the-art Italian made machinery we try to ensure that we are in the best possible position to go over and above the market’s expectations and ensure complete satisfaction with our services.