Induve Today

A brand new oil bottling plant was also installed in early 2007, capable of filling 6000 bottles of 1 litre and 500 Jerry cans of 20 litres per hour.  This plant covers the entire process from blowing performs, to bottling, labelling, and packaging. We are also eagerly awaiting Angola’s expansion of domestic cultivation of corn.  Induve has been co-operating with the government in these programs and efforts aiming at securing local raw materials.  This is not only attractive in terms of logistics but facilitates the group’s aim to promote development in the countries in which it operates.  Sourcing locally will allow Induve to provide corn flour and oil, Angolan staples, at a much lower cost to the end consumer.


Our investments have by no means been limited to infrastructure and productive assets. Our management and control systems have been reinvented to better suit the times and technology we use in an attempt to maximize our flexibility and efficiency.  

Much attention and importance has also been placed on our people.  One of our biggest assets is our workforce. With over 250 employees from diverse backgrounds and expertise, the Induve family is made up of some of the best technicians and managers in the field. It is only with such a skilled and committed team that Induve was able to evolve to its present glory.